Ricardo Gaete


Ricardo Gaete, Actor, Director, Contemporary Mime and teacher.
Graduated from the International School of Dramatic Corporeal Mime, London.
Master in Theater Creation Carlos III University of Madrid.
Doctorate in Tetrales Studies Complutense University of Madrid.

Formed in Chile, France, Argentina, England, Italy and Spain, he has made
studies with masters of the international scene including Marcel
Marceau, Ángel Elizondo, Corinne Soum, Steven Wasson and Yves Lebreton.
He has dabbled in painting, performance and performing arts in Theater, Circus,
Television and Cinema.

His creations and productions as director, playwright and actor have been
presented in Theaters, Art Galleries and Creation Spaces among which
include County Hall Gallery, Dalí Universe, Conway Hall Theater, National Filme
Theater in London, Chilean National Theater directing and producing, “NO +” de
Raúl Osorio and “Meanwhile” by Fernando Cuadra, Peruvian Cultural Center-
Japanese, Performing Arts Center of San Juan Puerto Rico, Festival Company
Polimnia, Kirchner Cultural Center in a Contemporary Opera by Juan Ortiz De
Zárate and Matías Giuliani, Teatro Nacional Cervantes presenting “Kloketen” and
“Islaterra” in Homage to the Master Ángel Elizondo, together with whom in 2010 he founded
in Chile SCENE PHYSICS International School and Company of Corporal Theater.

He has made his artistic career in various countries and such as Chile, France,
Argentina, England, Puerto Rico, Peru, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.
Since 2017 he is incorporated as an external international professor, of the Official Master
of Performing Arts, from the University of Seville, Spain.

Currently he continues to develop his work as a performing artist, teacher,
actor and director in Chile. At the same time, he is invited to Festivals, Schools and
Universities in Latin America and Europe.


Graduated as Actor and Dramatic Body Mime at the International School of
Dramatic Corporeal Mime, London.

Master in Theater Creation, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

PhD student in Theater Studies, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Further training:

Argentina School of Mime, Expression and Body Communication, Director Ángel
Elizondo, 2000 and 2001 (Two years of Training). Buenos Aires, Argentina

Studies carried out at the Ecole de Mimodrama in Paris, Marcel Marceau.
(1999 three months). Paris France.

C.C. Scholarship Balmaceda 1215, Professional Training I.P. La Casa Theater. Directed
by Fernando Cuadra. (1997-1999) Santiago, Chile.

Ricardo Gaete

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