Silent Rocco


While keeping his costumes and props to an elegant minimum, professional mime artist Silent RoccoI focusses on extraordinary movement qualities merged with charisma and sensitivity to create a unique mime style that brings captivating characters and affecting stories to life.

Master of mime – Silent Rocco – lives and breathes his characters, mesmerizing the audience with a silent art form well beyond antiquated mime clich├ęs.” – Preston City Guild Festival, UK

Silent Rocco plays nonverbal stage and street shows, walkabout acts & custom mime performances at festivals, theatres, parties, corporate & private events worldwide.
Some of his creations: human robot “Menschine”, theatre fairytale “The Greatest Thing”, robotic photographer “Poladroid”, corporeal mime performance “Love Duet” or classic mime act “Nonverbalists”.

Check out Silent Rocco’s website for the complete repertoire, more info, photos and videos.


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