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“When Silence is louder than Word, we must remember Suman Mukherjee- the Young Indian Mime Legend. An eight years old child suddenly fascinated with Mime Art and started silent acting in the school before his friends. His parents also took care of their kid’s talent. Later, he started Miming with his Daddy’s theatre. That little boy won the hearts of many people through his country.

At the age of 12 he went to learn Mime in Jogesh Mime Academy in Kolkata under Sri Jogesh Dutta. He completed 5 years Diploma Course from there. But he was not satisfied with the conventional, old and monotonous style and technique of Mime there. He thought there are so many things to do in this physical art form. He started modification and gave it a different colour and shape.

Suman learnt Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American Dance form from veteran dance exponent Mr. Bob das who was a renowned choreographer in Tollygunge Film Industry and professional theatre in Kolkata. Later Suman introduced Western Balletic form in his Mime. His first experimental production – BALLET MEETS MIME was a great success through out India and its 150TH night was celebrated by E.Z.C.C. Govt. of India.

That time some particular stories and thoughts were exercised by the other Mime Artistes. Suman brought novelty in story and idea. His intention was to reach to the common people and win their hearts instead of doing paper work for ‘Awards’ and ‘Grants’ from Government organisations. He believes in ‘Public Stage’. That’s why, this ‘black and white’ art became colourful, more entertaining by the effort of Suman Mukherjee. He introduced variety in story making, costume, light and music which enriched the Mime Art as well as enjoyable to the spectators of India.

Suman Mukherjee made his repertory on 1986 with some of his devoted and talented Mime students. with repertory Suman presents his full length Mime programme from rural areas to seven star hotels throughout India and abroad.
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To promote and wide spread this entertaining but rare art form he also gives his Mime Show in different public stages in ‘regular basis’ like Kolkata group theatres.
Now he runs his won Mime Academy in the name of ‘Howrah Kalamanjari’ at Howrah.

Suman Mukherjee’s Another World


bulet Has been performing from the age of Eight.
bulet His first full length Mime show was staged in 1984.

Got Diploma in Mime from Jogesh Mime Academy, Kokata in 1985.

Won Gold Medal in Mime and Skit in Inter Univ. National Youth Festival in 1991.

His experimental Mime production ‘Ballet Meets Mime’ was performed in collaboration with Consulate General of The Russian Federation in Calcutta in 1993 at Gorky Sadan.

Awarded National Scholarship in Mime from H.R.D. Govt. of India.
First T.V. programme in 1992 in Delhi Doordarshan
bulet M.A. in Drama from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata in 1996.

Performing shows on public stage and in Corporate world, conducting workshop and lecture demonstrations in defferent Drama Universities thruogh out India and abroad.
bulet Former Ballet instructor in Jogesh Mime Academy, Kolkata.

Performing and teaching Ballroom and Latin American Dance for 20 years. At present Ballroom and Latin American dance teacher in Calcutta School of Music, Kolkata.
bulet Now he runs his own Mime school at home.”

Suman Mukherjee

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