The Mimers


“Founded in 1991, ‘The Mimers‘ is dedicated to the production of socially relevant Mime plays with the aim to popularize this art form among the common man. The team is the fulfillment of the aspirations of a group of youngsters who won the top honors in the theater events at the National Youth Festival consecutively for five years.

Each play of ‘The Mimers’ centers around a burning social issue salted with humor catering to a wide variety of audience. The team produces a new mime in every month and presents it at the ‘Narma Kairali’- an organization of humorists’ program. With the new ways of presentation, this team has made significant contributions in popularizing mime in Kerala.

With more than thousand and hundred performances and 150 mimes on various issues to its credit, the ‘Mimers’ continues its journey with unspoken words and energetic gestures.

The Mimers

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