Tom Bolton


Tom Bolton, an American professional entertainer living in Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany who has travelled and performed in over 50 countries world-wide since 1981.

Clown Tom Bolton‘s unique style of silent clown comedy combines technical skills, like juggling, unicycling, balloon animals and magic with original gags and improvisation, often including people from the audience in the action in a fun but respectful way. The result is a dynamic clown show that appeals to both adults and children of every class, culture and nationality.

Whether it’s an opening, corporate party or marketing event for Sony or Mercedes, a street festival or a wedding, the unique magical quality of his show has made him the absolute highlight of many events for firms, organizations, cities or private customers.

Clown Tom’s sympathetic humor and interaction with his public brings many fans back to see his clown show again and again. He creates real laughter that isn’t possible with just flashy costumes and special effects. It’s simply fun!

Tom Bolton

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