World Statues Festival



We are pleased to announce that the city of Arnhem has authorized Hagen Events and the World Statues Foundation to organize the World Statues Festival.

In just ten years we have grown into the largest and most renowned living statues event in the world. This is naturally a milestone we are incredibly proud of and one that you – as participant, or potential participant – have helped us reach. For that, you have our sincere thanks.

In short, event will be special and unique. 10 years of success must be celebrated! We would like to invite all participants to create a piece of art that reflects our celebration, but with your own interpretation and style. Use your full imagination and creativity and help us make our 10th Birthday a real party!

Olympus 1, 6832 EL Arnhem
T: 026 – 3635084
F: 026 – 3622097

World Statues Festival

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